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Snow Day!

Nellie plays in her first snowfall in Willow, Alaska, October 2023

Nellie eats a snowball

We are pretty sure this Northern California girldog has never seen anything like it.

Nellies First Snow October 2023 Willow Alaska
“Um, what is this stuff?”

The white stuff rained down from the sky last week, surprising all of us. “What? Already?” we thought. All of us woke up to see a wintery wonderland in our yard.

Nellie was curious, and with her best brave German Shepherd attitude, went out on our deck to investigate.

Nellie investigates her First Snow October 2023 Willow Alaska
You mean I can PLAY in it?”

She LOVES the stuff! Only thing is, she tried eating it up too. Mouthfuls of it!

Nellie eats snow October 2023 Willow Alaska
“I got it!”

We remembered how Wyatt Ray did that when he saw snow. Well, he pretty much thought anything was edible. Once we took him to the Pacific Coast and he wouldn’t stop eating sand. He started shoveling tons of it into his mouth and pooped sand for weeks!

We hope Nellie is more discerning. And we also hope the snow doesn’t pose too much of a problem for her wonky leg and arthritis. That’s something we will keep a close eye on this winter.

Nellie eats a snowball
“Can you add some bubblegum flavor to it?”

She had a blast though, and so did we. There’s nothing like seeing a dog’s reaction to snow, especially when they’ve probably never seen it before.

The snow stuck long enough to toss a few snowballs around. But it disappeared by the end of the afternoon. I can’t say we were sad about that.

Nellie was bummed though, she wanted more playtime in the white stuff.

Don’t worry Nellie, there is plenty more where that came from. Just you wait little Snow Princess!

2 thoughts on “Snow Day!”

  1. Nellie, you look AMAZING; what a difference since I last saw her! I see Wyatt in her face now;) I initially saw Jerry, but now I see three: Wyatt, Jerry, and Nellie 😍

    In Alaska for the winter, and you are not sad to see this go. OH BOY!!!. What were you thinking? LOL.
    Only eat the white, clean stuff, Nellie. im with you. Bubble gum and cotton candy both sound good to me.

    Stay warm, you three.

  2. so much fun seeing sweet Nellie having so much fun. thank you for making usfel like we re there having a blast with all thre of you the pitur of her catching snowballs absolutely brilliant. the joy in ger eyes….the focus…..delightful

    yes Nellie, youll have many more nows….deep…de ep snows to play
    and it was fun seeing WYATT enjoy his firt snows
    loving her blog….cant wait for more

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